Do You Have An Evacuation Plan For Your Establishment?

How big is your establishment today? If it is still relatively small in size, never having needed to expand, just how many men and women, and children, are passing through your doors each and every day of the year? And just what kind of clientele characterizes the daily running of your operations? If your establishment is inherently retail oriented and catering directly to customers drawn to all the attractions of the hospitality industry then, rest assured, and at the best of times, you have experienced this, your clients are in a lighter than usual frame of mind.

You are allowing them to do things that give them pleasure. It would be too easy to say that when disputes or mishaps arise, it would be a lot easier for you to salve the nerves or calm the choppy waters because in reality, that is not how it turns out. It is human nature and people with a herd mentality to boot, often do not enjoy shocks and surprises. Given the scale of its infrastructure and clientele, those of you within the hospitality industry with hotels and boarding houses as part of your inventory will probably be required by law to have a full and proper hotel evacuation plan in place and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

hotel evacuation plan

This is necessary in the event of emergencies which can arise due to an accidental breaking of fire prevention barriers or due to exterior factors, such as inclement weather, seemingly beyond your control. The small scale establishment owner, whether running a bed and breakfast residence, a full-fledged bistro or restaurant or popular bar, needs to keep this risk management imperative in mind. Because the larger the numbers, all hell could break loose.